News 14 Carolina

I  enjoyed my visit to News 14 Carolina the 24 hour news network exclusively for Time Warner Cable customers.  It’s an absolute media marvel with astate of the art newsroom broadcasting in 4 markets including Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte and the NC Coast.  It was a very educational tour, I like to think of it as a mini CNN.  I met many people who make News 14 come together. As I toured the newsroom, studio and control room it was great to see how News 14 can update news and events constantly and bring that news to it’s viewers 24/7.    Also how everyone has to work together to get the news on the air and  across the state. It was  fun and I enjoyed my trip to News 14 in Raleigh.

News 14 Carolina

News 14 Carolina News Desk

News 14 Carolina Sign

News 14 Carolina Studio

News 14 Carolina Control Room

Touring News 14 Carolina

News 14 Carolina Newsroom

News 14 Carolina Live Truck


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